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Indirect Tax Advisory

Indirect Taxes over the years have witnessed a Paradigm Shift, specially with the Introduction of the Goods and Service Tax Act, in 2017. This Act has in effect  subsumed various indirect taxes like VAT, Service Tax and other minor taxes into one GST ( Goods and Service Tax). Likewith any new introduction of Statute, there are lot of grey areas and also compliance issues that organisations need to address. We at K.R.Sriram & Co., having over 27 years of expertise in handling various new statute introduction and have successfully advised clients. This gives us the extra edge to face any new statute and our team has undergone rigorous training and  orientation in handling the GST matters. Further the legacy laws like Service Tax and VAT have not yet reached its final conclusion with various disputes still being pursued by the Department where , we provide advice and redressal.

Services in the area of Indirect Taxation

In the area of Indirect Taxation our services covers, GST, Legacy Issues of VAT and Service Tax. We also have a net-worked capability for Excise , Customs and other Indirect Taxes

GST - Goods and Service Tax

VAT and Service Tax

Other Indirect Taxes - Customs, Excise etc.

In the area of GST , we offer the following services :-

  • GST  Registration, Amendments and Modifications.

  • GST Advisory 

  • GST Returns Filings.

  • Assistance in Replying to GST Notices , Departmental Queries, and other Departmental Communications.

  • Handling of Departmental GST Audit

VAT and Service Tax , though subsumed by the GST since 2017, there exists pending disputes, appeals and litigations from the Pre-2017 era for which we provide consultancy, support and advice. Our Services include :-

  • Advice on the legacy issues,

  • Representation before the Departmental Authorities,

  • Providing a time-bound and effective solution to the legacy issues

In the areas of Other Indirect Taxes like Excise and Customs , which to a great extent has been subsumed by the GST , we through our associates provide Advice, Consultancy on the issues that organisations who are still under the Excise ( Petrol/Diesel Dealers/ Liquor Dealers etc.) and Customs ( Importers and Exporters) face in their businesses.

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